The perfect protein really does exist! By combining the highest quality ingredients into the leanest formula and adding delicious flavours, getting that added protein boost has never been easier or tastier. Through careful formulation, we have created a low carb, gluten-free protein, which is further enhanced with recovery-aiding and mood-boosting ingredients. If you are looking for a premium whey protein supplement - you have found the one.


OxyWhey is 100% lean grass fed whey protein powder, with the highest quality ingredients.

The formulation contains virtually no carbs, sugars, cholesterol or lactose.


What makes OxyWhey the perfect whey based protein:

- A high 24 grams per serving (scoop)
- Added Glutamine to support muscle repair and aid recovery
- Boosted with digestive enzymes to maximise absorption and reduce stomach discomfort
- Metabolism boost, immunity and mood enhancement
- Gluten Free formula
- Supports endurance and stamina
- Aids in lean muscle growth and repair
- Added Chromium to assist with stabilising blood sugar levels to prevent crashes

EHP Labs - OxyWhey (2 lbs)