LIVER-PRO Pharmaceutical Grade Supplement Liver Support is a Potent Combination of the two most trusted and proven Supplements for Detoxification and Liver Function. TUDCA and NAC.


TUDCA is the reigning champion for Liver Support and is the go to Supplement in the Professional Athlete community.


TUDCA supports bile flow in the Liver and has been used for years by both Physicians and Athletes. NAC is a free form Amino Acid that has been time tested and proven as a potent supplement for detoxification and healthy liver function.


TUDCA has been used for over 3,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine for promoting health.  This potent compound has been used with great success in the restoration and protection of proper liver function.


Water-soluble bile acids play an important role in the body by having a detergent like effect. Other bile acids can build up in the liver, leading to damaged cells. The water-soluble bile salts enter and prevent any damage from occurring. These bile salts also perform a crucial role in the proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. TUDCA has earned a reputation in the athletic community as the most trusted and potent form of liver protection available.

Savage Line - Liver Pro (60 count)